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plus some advisories coming up. >> there was intermittent rain today. it was pouring in san mateo. the storm moved in with heavy rain and gusty winds and the weather is causing beg problems in the bay area. john hallston is live from san francisco with a look at the damage. reporter: this is one location. that's tangled metal is a mess and bill be here a day or so. this canopy at the gas station has been lying on its edge here at the 76 station in san francisco. this was also a stroke of bad luck and good luck. fortunately there was no car or customer undermight when it fell. this happened at 3:30 this afternoon when a strong rainstorm blew through. the fire department says it appears a large branch from a nearby try broke off and fell right on the canopy over the pumps. the branch also smashed through
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the back of a car. the gas station clerk hit the automatic shutoff valve and turned off power to the pumps. >> i heard something, and i saw the trees fell down, so i hit this and canopy fell down. >> thank god. she was in the car last night. so i'm thanking god none of us got killed sitting in the car. we were sitting in the car last night. >> she says her car broke down and had to be forward that curb while she waited for a mechanic to fix it. now she doesn't know who will be responsible when she files the insurance claim, the gas station or perhaps the city. a public worker who has here earlier says he believes the canopy hit the branch and that caused it. these going to have to be sorted out. in the meantime, the city is going to come here and brace this even further, what's left of this, to preventfully other problems before the metal canopy
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here is eventually removed. live in san francisco. abc-7 news. >> ama: the weather is causing problems for people heading into and out of town for the holiday. tomas roman is at sfo. >> we have had heavy intermittent rains here at sfo over the past few hours but it wasn't the rain that caused delays. it was the shift in the wind. >> the unsettled weather and scattered showers brought with it a change in wind direction, causing sfo to re direct landing and takeoff pattern from north to south, which limits the numbers of flights landing and departying. >> cut back from 60 to 25 landing. so that's a big number. >> she said that also includes depart tours. twhielts these aircraft are backed up waiting to leave. >> there are only a few flights
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arrive organize leaving on time. not good news for gretchen. >> we have an hour delay so we're supposed to leave at 2:00, and then we're leaving at 3:00. we're supposed to supply into chicago. we'll have ten minutes minutes o connect to our flight. >> the airport tries to keep delays up to 45 minutes. >> we held at 45 minutes for almost all morning, and then the sky is getting dark, and wind increase about an hour. >> masters is just trying to get back to san diego. the rain might mean a longer delay. >> my flight was supposed to be at 1:00, it's now 2:10. >> with more rain falling these delays are expected to continue. wang since 100,000 people with travel through sfo all day saturday, and even more people will be travel out of local airports tomorrow. if you're planning on traveling, our flighttracker will notify
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you of any delays. you can log on to and click on the link on our home page. >> ama: check before you go in san jose, driver going too fast for the slick conditions skidded across five lanes of northbound 280, crashing into another car. one landed down the embankment on its roof. the other landed on its side. no one was seriously hurt. >> weather caused problems in the sierra. i-80 was closed at colfax to the nevada state line. it has since re-opened. the highway is offlimit for trucks from applegate to the nevada state line, and look another other nasty driving conditions near lake tahoement. near white out conditions, and highway 267 at north star is snow packed and the snow is still coming down, and stay with fours continuing storm watch coverage. get the latest photographs on
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abc-7 at 9:00 on channel 13 and right here on abc-7 news, and you can check live doppler 7hd anytime on abc-7 news. >> an unlicensed driver has been channeled with reckless driving after knocking down a light pole. officers tell us the driver was going 60-miles-an-hour and was trying to beat the red light. he lost control, smashed into the signal light pole and crossing arm and ended up on the curb. cell phone thieves now have a new target. your kindness. becomely police say there have been self reports of cell phone thefts where the suggest claims to have an emergency and asks to borrow the victim's phone. the suspect then grabs the phone and takes off. police say don't lend your phone to strangers and refrain from talking on the phone when you're outside alive. >> a town in grief, now
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inundated with donations. >> in bay area, a tribute to those who died in newtown, connecticut. >> taking the plunge. why this man jumped into freezing cold water in the middle of december. >> we're tracking the storms tonight on live doppler 7hd. leigh glaser will be back in just a few minutes with the forecast. with my keurig vue brewer,
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>> ama: in newtown connecticut today a funeral mass was held for one of the victims of the massacre. josephine gay was one of 20 students who was shot and killed. with christmas just days away, nowp has become so inundated with toys, people are being asked to instead too charitable work or make a donation in the victims name. >> a tribute for the victims and a protest was held in san francisco, protesters dressed in black and laid down for 20 minutes. organizers then read the names of each of the victims. participants say they want stricter gun laws. >> a police officer in boston is being haleed a hero from freezing a -- saving a woman from freezing water. he ran down the steps and dove in. >> one of the other officers had
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been given a life preserver from someone else. so that actually helped a lot. i was able to get down to her, hold on to that while she was holding on to the life preserver and holding myself up at the raft out there. >> norton and the woman clung to the raft until help arrived. the woman is expected to recover. just ahead, lending helping hand this holiday season. >> as we count down to christmas, it isn't just retail that's booming. the other bfs that is heating up this holiday season. >> more rain is heading our way, meteorologist leigh glaser is up next. >> mike: we have two local teams par fating in bowl games, stanford at the rose bowl, and san jose state at the military bowl. we'll have a preview of both later
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>> ama: a holiday tradition of giving continued today in san francisco. outside the st. anthony's foundation a tent was set up for curbside donation. there was also a donation of hand knitted scarfs and soks.
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>> san francisco's glide memorial church handed out almost 10,000 toys today. this year the giants partnered with glide. glide says the need for the toy giveaway is greater than ever this you're. >> with christmas nearly upon us friends and family are pouring into up to and if your house is not ready for company, you're not alone. the holidays are always a big time for retailers. here's a look at one other business that is seeing a holiday rush. >> union square is packed. the cash register is slammed. traffic is a mess. but if you thought retail was the only business booming this holiday season, then you haven't met alex baker. >> hi. >> alex is the furniture repair guy, and in the countdown to christmas he has been getting a workout. >> i've been consistently doing five or six jobs a day, which is a busy day. >> his company fixes vinyl and
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leather. >> can't be color blind in this job. >> just in time for the in-laws. >> my parents, my sister, my husband's parents and his brothers as well. >> when you live in a house with kids, stains can come out of nowhere. >> this my daughter oliva, one and a half, and she is very calm but usually she loves to decorate the furniture. >> with things like a ball point pen, so with the screams of children in the background, alex goes to work. >> this is a minor repair. he says he has seen much worse this holiday season, and not just from kids. >> pets are the biggest culprit. you can control your kids to some extent but pet damage on furniture is a big issue. >> and so many people wait until the holidays to fix it. >> you see that a lot and former it's much easier to catch it early. that can rip wide open. >> never mind the fancy tools. a hair dry iris the haas -- is
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the last step. >> they can eat on it and they do. >> and mess it up again. >> do you want to do it? >> in san francisco, john thousand bloom. abc-7 news. >> ama: well, a lot of people are coming into town for the ohio. they're having some trouble because of the weather. >> leigh: if we can get through the next 24 hours we'll be okay, especially christmas eve. kind of a little bit of a break we have in the action, and otherwise live doppler 7hd starting to show a little more activity developing north of the golden gate bridge. you can into snowfall -- you can into some of the isolated showers. fairfield, lower lake county and also done down toward pet human
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-- petaluma, rain breaking out, and san ramon, a little rain towards towards towards th, and rain breaking out near morgan hill. all of this is moving from west to east, so moving towards the foothills in the next 20 minutes. so here is what you can expect. scattered showers tonight. the heavy rain picks up tomorrow morning. very strong winds as well. the good news is that looks like at it going to be a fast mover. we'll see some clearing sunday night and right now it will be dry for christmas eve. so that is a bit of good news. >> i want to show you the front that moved through this morning there it went. this is a little bit of clearing we're in right now. check out what is coming. that's our sunday storm. let's get right to our forecast timing. saturday night, 6:00, you can see it's nice but the showers up at the north bay.
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11:00 tonight in a pattern, bit 3:00 a.m., toward 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, the front is sliding doubt, and that's where the heavy rain picks up. north boy, winds ahead of this cold front. the strongest wind advisory is up to gusts out of the south up to about 75 -- 40 miles-per-hour. this ills 9:00 a.m. starting to advance south. 12:00, 1:00, in the afternoon, passes the golden gate bridge. this is 2:00. by that time we'll see partial clearing in the north bay and then the moderate rains slide doubt. by 6:00 this front is out of here and we'll start to see some clearing. so that's a bit of good news. wind advisory until 11:00 tomorrow, and south points until 3:00, because of how to -- how the front is going to move through. downed trees, downed power lines, possibility because of the saturated soil, and looking
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for another three to four inches of rainfall. santa cruz mountains, and elsewhere one-1/2 to two inches,. >> snow is coming down, incline village, two feet of snow it is heavy snow. 30 degrees. chain controls even from travel delays as you head up there. highs for your sunday in the 50s. we'll see the clearing first in the north bay, followed by the south bay. and quite stormy tomorrow afternoon. but the good news is we do get a break. sunday night and monday. christmas eve. more showers moving in christmas day afternoon. more showers for wednesday, and then it looks like a break thursday and friday. >> thank you, leigh. mike shumann is here with sports. 49ers have some work. >> two more games games to maker move in the nfl and there's no bigger game than the 49ers and seahawks. sunday night in seattle. niners can clinch with a win over the seahawks.
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however, they can take the division away with a win and then some help from arizona in week 17. now, the seahawks offense exploded for an nfl record 10 points and a fabulous seahawks offense, and they're playing at one of the loudest stadiums in the nfl. >> i remember a game my rookie year, trying to make a call to vernon. i'm screaming at the top of my lungs. can't hear. and we were going on cadence, too. so, it was a hell of a game. i think we won that one, the. >> it's loud. the rose bowl is just ten days away. snafd -- stanford players making final preparations. cardinal defense is the reason why they're headed to pasadena. the best front seven in the nation led by shane skoe.
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he has been a beast but says he hasn't been at 100%. >> looking at the rest of the season, gotten better every week. i feel that much more better, that much more comfortable. i still think i'm not where i want to be. i think there's things i can improve that's going to take a little while. increase my physical abilities this year. >> mike: san jose state leaves tomorrow morning for washington, dc a where i that face bowling green in the military bowl. been a remarkable area for the spartans. ranked 24th with a 10- record. the coach mike mcintyre would love to take -- left to take colorado's job. >> they've done a great job preparing but we told them to enjoy the moment. it's something a lot of these
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young guys have looked forward to. >> finally here. the past couple years, been hoping for a bowl game. last year we were one game away. so the buildup of three years of playing here, and everyone just come together and we're just ready. >> mike: what year. college hoops, ladies first. stanford hosted by long-time rival tennessee. the lady cardinal had too much game. the former tennessee head coach on hand. probably think can what everybody else was thinking, how do we stop ewing -- ogwumike. she had a double-double, stanford remains undefeeted at 11-0 with a 73-60 holiday victory. >> for the men, cal hosting prairie view a&m. a break on the schedule for cal. game wasn't even close. cobb, 14 points on the night, and crabbe steals it. there it is. 23 for him. cal shot 50% from the field and
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win big, 85-53. >> usf facing san diego state in his. dons got off to a good start. jefferson, three of his team-high 15 but the vacation quickly ended. they got lit up by chase tapley. san diego state now 10-1. 80-50 the final. >> nfl action tonight. at 11:00, the falcons trying to wrap up the top seed in the nfc against detroit. and the warriors play again tonight. >> the calm after and before the storms. some of the best views
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>> ama: join my tonight at 9:00 on cable 13. are alloff your electronic devices zapping you of your creativity? then at 11:00, the christmas shopping frenzy, and it's going to be a long weekend for some. the big deals and what makes this final shopping weekend so unique, all at 9:00 and 11:00. >> with a mix of sun and ran there were rainbows today. we want to share with you this rainbow as seen from our rooftop camera here on the embarcadero, and we have this picture of a rainbow over oakland this
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afternoon. and do stay with abc-7 news and abc-7 for the latest on the storms. >> that will do it for us at 6:00. i'm ama daetz. for leigh glaser and mike shumann, thank you for joining us. you can share the holiday spirit with a greeting card from our facebook page. go to facebook come come-/abc-7 news and click the holiday cards captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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